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Bernie Sanders Mittens - Worldwide Sales

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US Senator Bernie Sanders mittens, which are famous all over the world, went on sale with the difference of abckadin.com. Knitted by hand using woolen yarn, the gloves will keep your hands warm on cold winter days. Thanks to its washable feature, you can order the glove that remains clean all the time, either 1 or more.

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  • Package content consists of 1 pair of Bernie Sanders Knitted Mittens.
  • Fully organic wool cotton yarn with OEKO-TEX certificate is used.
  • There are no harmful substances in the gloves.
  • There are no removable parts that can get into children's mouth.
  • It is produced entirely by hand.
  • It can be safely washed by hand or in a washing machine at 30 degrees.
  • 3 business days for our Toy Turkey that produced on order will be delivered in 10 business days to ship to countries overseas.